3 Keys to recognize a profitable business and how you can replicate


Your feet are on an industry opportunities than just being explored in Latin lands, you're on a remote and beautiful virgin beach. Something we could not say companies in the United States.

The online industry is growing at an average of 40% annually in Latin countries. And it seems that we have not realized that there are millions of consumers and not enough entrepreneurs online.

So here are the 3 keys to recognize and replicate companies like Google, Uber, Facebook, Airbnb into a profitable and scalable business.

Finding profitable businesses

1. Real Time Machine Latin America. thanks USA

The country with more seeds of startups is USA, there are startups (companies in their initial stage) and provide services we use every day in America.

But we found out after an average of 4 years.

4 Years and no, it's not a bad thing it is excellent for you and me that we semillita the entrepreneur.

It was not until 2008 that Facebook became popular in Latin America and started growing user accounts Zuckerberger being that Mark had started operations in 2004.

Or Google became the online search engine here after 5 years of starting.

In San Francisco there was a startup that began operations in 2011, but it was not until 2014 that began to enter Uber in North and South America.

And something similar happened with Whatsapp, Dropbox, Airbnb, etc.

And it has been true not only in Internet but historical level in other industries, as small businesses start and after a few years is around the corner from where we live, such as:

  • WalMart
  • Starbucks
  • Home Depot
  • McDonald's (and all other burger chains like Burger King, Carl's Junior)
  • Sears

2. The Key Point

This is our "unfair" advantage for the online entrepreneur:

"We can see the future of online trends in Latin America"

If we find a service that begins to generate enough interest in USA, it would be a good idea to take advantage entering the wave.

And how will we know?

Techcrunch is an authority and a type of link in the chain through which pass the main startups in USA that promotes and supports, and will keep you informed of what service is the trending topic that is gaining reelevancia Internet.

You do not want to make a product exactly the same and anticipate here in Latin America, since the time they reach these companies here would be a monster and the battle would not be very even, in the future could be, but for now it's probably not a bad idea that you focus on that service but with a different angle.

For example;

The online education industry boom reached 107 billion dollars in 2015 a very profitable trend and still growing and here in Latin America there are few players who are riding the wave as:

Vilma Nunez, Andrea Rojas, Joannix Ochart, Jaime Bravo, Jose Miguel Arbulu, Marco Ayuso.

Each with their specific topic. Education is changing to an online platform.

Simply because it is easier for the user and fits their times.

But what topic of education?

You can choose yourself, it can be from nutrition, video games, business, finance, cinema, sports, yoga, pets, exercise, extreme activities, marketing and so on. The activities are endless.

Even if you google many activities just mentioned, there are items but not the full course and no people who currently teach the activity and yes many people who read only what is.

But I'm not an expert

There is always a people who want to learn something you like or you are passionate about and if you've read 3 books bestseller topic you are above 80% of people who are interested in the activity.

Just give value and help people.

Of course you need to spend time, because the more people you help your business, you will have more growth at any scale.

If you stop learning, your business stops growing. Read more online articles, books, courses, mentors, and each lesson you learn what your subscribers can transmit.

3. The product and technical

A good option is the e-commerce. You can sell your physical product online at your own shop or on platforms like Mercado Libre, Amazon or Ebay. But once the sale, you must hire a carrier to ship the product to the customer's hands.

But there is another option that is in our hands: digital products, either:

      a app
      A course
      an eBook

These products only have to build them once, then can devote only market them worldwide. Do not forget to have a constant feedback of your users to make improvements and even launch a second or third product they need.

So you avoid shipping processes, physical quality processes and intermediates having an e-commerce.

There you have it, if you are reading this article on your computer, you have the potential to create and make an online business, the tools that will help are available for everyone.